With a strong motivation to support the best courses on public finance, fiscal policies and monetary policies in the EU and to ensure an excellent professional training for students, the team members are committed to bring their contribution to the development of knowledge on the financial and monetary policies of the EU Member States. Research will mainly be aimed at evaluating the financial and monetary policies of the EU Member States and investigating their role in deepening the European integration process and ensuring the growth and development of EU countries.


Given the recent changes in European environment and challenges for the financial and monetary policy-makers at national and European level, and also the latest trends in research, the team will approach the following research directions:

  • Evaluate the fiscal and public expenditure systems of EU Member States, as support for drawing policy recommendations for Romania;
  • Investigate the impact of fiscal policy measures, and in particular of fiscal consolidation measures and their composition, on the growth and development of EU countries;
  • Evaluate the sustainability of public finances in the EU and the appropriateness of the current national and European fiscal frameworks;
  • Investigate the effects of recent conventional and unconventional monetary policy measures on the economy in Eurozone and other EU Member States;
  • Evaluate the European financial and monetary legal framework and identify its shortcomings and potential solutions for improvement.


  • Papers published in proceedings of international conferences and peer reviewed journals indexed in international databases with high visibility (Web of Science, RePEc, DOAJ, EBSCO, Index Copernicus, ProQuest, Scopus, etc. (at least 3);
  • A book falling under the general theme of the module and entitled “European Financial and Monetary Policies. Past Experiences and Current Challenges”;
  • Presentations of working papers at international conferences  (at least 2/year).